Donald J. Wood ● Director, V.P. Operations Manager

Mr. Wood is a seasoned Operations Manager with over 20 years’ experience managing the day to day operations of multinational equipment and logistic companies.  Mr. Wood’s specialty is supply chain services and supervision. Mr. Wood is known for his ability to complete tasks on time and under budget.  Mr. Wood attended the Air Force Academy an earned his wings, flying many different Jets in the U.S. Air Force.

Gary T. Holley ● Drilling Equipment Consultant

Gary T. Holley has been in the industry for 36 years since graduating from Baylor University in 1973. At that time he was employed by Parker Drilling Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma, until 1993 at which time he was a Vice President over U.S. Operations. From Parker Drilling Company, Mr. Holley went to Quarles Drilling Corporation as a Vice President. In 1996 Quarles Drilling Corporation was purchased by UTI Energy and the Quarles name was changed to Cougar Drilling Company. In 1997 Mr. Holley was promoted to President and COO of Cougar Drilling Company. With the severe downturn in 1998, Cougar was dissolved by UTI and Mr. Holley went to Nabors Drilling U.S. (NDUSA). He was in Oklahoma City until 2004 as the NDUSA Mid-Continent District Manager. In the summer of 2004 Mr. Holley moved to Snyder, Texas, where he worked directly for Glenn Patterson, President and COO of Patterson-UTI Drilling Company. Upon Glenn Patterson’s retirement Mr. Holley moved to Oklahoma City in October 2008 and was named Senior Vice President of Drilling Operations for NOMAC Drilling. In January 2009 Mr. Holley was promoted to President of NOMAC Drilling Company. In July 2009 Mr. Holley left NOMAC and was named President and CEO of Canyon Drilling Company. In 2015, Mr. Holley left Canyon and began his on consulting company, lending his vast experience to top Drilling Contractors Worldwide. Mr. Holley will be working closely with the 66 Oilfield Team, as they expand there operations in the Heavy Oilfield Equipment Marketplace Worldwide.

Managment Team

James H. Ruth ● Director, Secretary & Controller

Mr. Ruth has operated an accounting and general business consulting practice since 2001. Over the last 12 years, Mr. Ruth has worked with 66 and its subsidiaries in different capacities accounting for and controlling inventory, pricing and accounting within the heavy oilfield equipment business. Formerly, Mr. Ruth was a Senior Consultant with Oracle Corporation where he participated in and managed the implementation of Oracle Financial Software for large multinational customers.  Mr. Ruth graduated from Wichita State University in 1973 with a BBA degree with Accounting Emphasis.

Jim E. Frazier ● Director, President & CFO

Mr. Frazier is a financial executive with over 25 years of experience within the commercial and public sectors. Formerly, Mr. Frazier has served as Chief Financial Officer for several public companies over the last 20 years including companies on the OCT, OTC:BB, TSX and NASDAQ and is well versed in all areas of public financial reporting, compliance, shareholder relations and fund raising.  Mr. Frazier was formerly an officer with a major money center bank in New York and an Internal Audit Manager for a major oil company.  Mr. Frazier attended Fordham University and the New York Institute of Finance. He has a degree in Economics, a Masters in Finance and is a certified internal auditor. 

J.C. Houck ● Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Mr. Houck has had a long and distinguished business career in the oil industry. He had over 50 years experience in energy services and related resources business. After attending the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Houck established J.C. Houck Oilfield Services in 1959 and continued to serve as its president until his untimely death in 2008. Mr. Houck was a pioneer of the NDT inspection business for the oil & gas industry. He developed many of the standards and practices still in use worldwide today, plus authored many technical books on NDT inspection, co-founded the International Pipe Inspectors Association (IPIA) in 1976, plus held the prestigious American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level III Certification. Mr. Houck owned and operated numerous other successful oil & gas related companies throughout his career, including Houck Exploration.

D.K. Houck ● Sales & Drilling Equipment Consultant

D.K. Houck is a seasoned executive with a long business career in the oil & gas drilling equipment industry. Mr. Houck attended the University of Oklahoma and has over 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas Energy Sector. Mr. Houck worked alongside his father and gained in-depth knowledge from the many years work in every aspect in the Oil & Gas Energy Service Sector.  After the down-turn of the 1980’s, Mr. Houck ventured out to start his own Drilling & Pipe Supply business. Mr. Houck is a Level II – ASNT certified inspector and oversees every aspect of the purchase, inspection and certification of new, used and refurbished equipment.

The Houck Family Trust is the major shareholders of 66 Oilfield Services, LLC.

John J. Johnston ● Director

Mr. Johnston is also from a 3rd generation oilfield family who grew up in the mud and drilling business. Mr. Johnston is President of Johnston Mud & Chemical and is an Active Director for the Company. Mr. Johnston has over 25 years of experience in the oilfield, as a certified mud engineer and drilling consultant. Mr. Johnston has worked as a drilling foreman and superintendent both domestically and internationally for major and independent owner operators. Mr. Johnston is a great customer resource who is invaluable in providing solutions to difficult equipment problems. Mr. Johnston has a business degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Joseph R. Wright ● Sales Manager

Mr. Wright is a seasoned sales professional with over 20+ years of sales leadership experience with fortune 500 industrial, financial and medical supply companies.  Mr. Wright brings a level of detail to client services and equipment partnerships which is critical to the success of a multi-national multi-product sales organization like 66 Oilfield Services. 

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